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About South County

South County is a small local Southern California stand up paddle board maker and rechargeable torch producer. We are the ORIGINAL WIDE SUP maker. First with wide short SUPs, first with 5 fins on every board, first with double wing wide round tails and first with enough float for guys over 250 lbs.
Our goal is to promote the sport of stand up paddle boarding for everyone with super fun user friendly boards.

We started building SUPs in 2005 after the owner/founder John Harding found it too difficult to paddle 26 inch wide board while standing up in the open ocean. He was so frustrated that he began thinking that maybe he could build his own boards that would be more stable. He asked his friend Wayne Iwamoto, who along with his dad Gil are master craftsmen and world class boat builders, to help him build a custom board.
Wayne took John under his wing and showed him every detail about designing, shaping and glassing. John’s first board was 31 inches wide, which in those days was unheard of and laughed at by all the well respected watermen/shapers.




Testimonials to South County all the innovations, what else sets South County apart from all the other SUP manufacturers?
South County doesn’t need to pay pro riders to make our boards look good. We don’t test our boards on a tropical island with perfect waves. A professional rider can make even a sucky board look super, they are very talented individuals who have put in many hours to hone their SUP skills. South County boards are designed and tested by average guys in everyday, less than perfect conditions. We feel that if we can design a board to produce awesome perfomance with average paddlers, its a no brainer that it will make anyone, anywhere in the world paddle and surf better.
Read through the testimonials from some of the real people who bought our boards.

We (and our clients) are really enjoying your 10 footers down here in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic. We’d like to add a testimonial to your website. We own Bayahibe SUP on the south coast of the Dominican Republic. We mostly cater to beginners or intermediate flatwater SUPers. Our SUP fleet consists of several well known brands including 6 x South County 10 footers. We have found them to be excellent boards for both beginners and intermediates – they are surprisingly durable and very stable especially for heavy weight clients or those who find balancing a challenge. Even our clients with previous SUP experience have remarked how the extra stability has given them more confidence. The boards steer and turn with minimum effort. Their short length and deep carry handle makes transporting them around a piece of cake. Their soft deck pads are really comfortable underfoot – no pain at all to stand for several hours on board.

Thanks to South County SUP Boards our clients have had the best possible first time SUP experience. As a company South County were great to deal with and gave that personal service and support that is so often lacking with the larger brands.
I’ve attached a couple of photos of our clients having fun on our South Countys.
Bring on those hurricanes cos I can’t wait to try them out in surf!
cheers from sunny

-Avery Mathews

I am 55 years old and a hefty 210 pounds. I used to like riding hoverboard ebay australia, but now I love the paddleboard. The SC 9 x 34 x 5 is a “magic carpet ride” whose large “sweet spot” makes it perfect for easily catching knee to shoulder height waves on those mornings when you’re exhausted from working overtime and chauffering kids home from late night parties.
It is a perfect addition to my quiver of narrower SUPs that might paddle faster, but require constant vigilence and physical energy to balance.  In my back-to-back “testing,” it allowed me to catch more waves than my 11 x 30 or 10-3 x 30. Its relatively parallel sides allow it to be paddled with surprisingly little yaw, and its short length allows it to be easily carried around rocky beaches, showers and elevators.  Its stingered tail is much wider than its “pop out” competitors, but it can be turned on a dime, maximizing both its stability and maneuverability.
Feel free to approach me on weekends mornings at Ala Moana to demo it.

-Mike Shiroma

EMS - BIG SUR -3882-SUP_Kayak_Paddle


Sunday was a blast. Best time I’ve had in surf I could barely see. I really can’t thank you enough for all the help and good advice that came along with the purchase of brightest flashlight ever.
Things that struck me about my first ride is that the turtle is so much shorter and easier to turn than the other boards I’ve tried (Infinity’s Ku Ku Hoe 11′, and Laird 12′). I admit to having a vision of there not being enough board in front of me while dropping in on a decent size face. That all changed when the first catchable microwave came by. I chugged into that little wave and it felt like I was up on my trusty longboard. A not so quick drop step into “my” surfer’s stance and away we went.
Your tips on paddling style, philosophy, and technique, and wave catching set ups helped out a ton for the next two rides. Instead of hoping to catch up with those little waves, I had the power to just catch ’em. The board was fantastic, stable as a dock, gets to speed quickly and as far as I could tell from three rides on tiny waves, totally surfable. It was clear that not getting tired just balancing makes all the difference in my enjoyment.

-Harrison Hewitt

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